About me

Alex Martinez

   Hello, business owners! My name is Alex Martinez. I’m a SEO expert in Toronto with over 10 years of experience in web design and digital marketing. My interest in digital marketing started as a young teenager in high school, wanting to start a website to help people lose weight while securing a future for myself. I got busy combining my two passions: working out and creating websites. I created several weight loss blogs that returned affiliate commissions, and I knew there was a promising future in getting people to simply click on my website in the Google search. I was hooked.

   Affiliate marketing was where I started but ended up realizing the real power of SEO when I was hired at a marketing agency in 2017. With SEO and a well-tailored offer, we were transforming businesses and lives. Businesses that were getting zero clicks and zero phone calls a month were on their way to becoming powerhouses in their local business community. Getting older and realizing I have many friends and family members who are business owners who needed services like mine, I launched this website and service to provide a transparent and no-nonsense approach to SEO marketing.

   My mission is simple: I create your business website to generate clicks, which in turn become email inquiries and phone calls for your business. I do this in a way that is transparent and make myself easily accessible to the business owner. No more expensive agency work which is difficult to understand, difficult to talk to the person actually running your SEO campaign, and unneeded upsells trying to gouge you out of money. One person with the correct experience and game plan is all you need to get started to rank on Google. If you are intersted in booking a call with me, please contact me here.